3K OMP - Vegas 2001!
(from Tensor's point of view)

There's a ton of pics, so give 'em time to load.
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Nooster, Shadowhawke

Elvira, Gungnir, Ranma


Aragon, Pendras, Zobotron


Bleu, Malk (in back), Bshadowl, Aragon

Buddah (in back), Malk, Bleu (in front)

Buddah and wife (Sandy)

Makie, Valsu, Kaira/Miyagi

Buddah and wife (Sandy)


Bleu, Malk (in back), Bshadowl, Aragon

Buddah (in back), Malk, Bleu (in front)

Gelfry, Tankboy, Cleave

Takamori, Almandot, Gelfry, Eriond

Valsu, Kaira/Miyagi, Takamori

Sylph, Salian

Baxter's Wife, Haplo


Huck (back), Razorx (bent over), Fingolfin

Stranger, Kryten

Carlin, Baxter and wife (Guest 2)

Leila/Mietter(in back), Skinless, Carlin

Ravill, Moskel, Leila/Miette


Sugar, Stranger & his gf Heidi (Lag Monster)

Kira, Sugar

Shadowspawn, Kira



Domina, Molly, Groosh

Gaffman, Aliena (back), Malaclypse

Aspen, Solo

Guest3, Grishkin, Aphrodite

Bloodspaw, It

Brand, Aliena (bent over), Xar

Aliena, Brand

Johnny (bent over), Womble


Gaffman, Ghostrider, Malaclypse

Grinch (undead)

Kishpa, Staxx

Gungnir, Vraal (in back), Sumi

Nagasaki, Olower


The Las Vegas strip

The door prizes all look like fireworks for some reason

Somebody's ass in front of a mess of people

More people (nice freaking flash on that camera)

Registration Desk (Nooster, Vryce, Elvira, Sorcha, Nanook)

Tarnac, Chuckie, olower, Razorx (back of head)

Friends Forever: Aspen, Solo, Rastafan, Bleu

Sorcha, Indium, Crolack, Nooster (kneeling)

Ranma, Vraal, Gungnir

Johnny, Eriond, Brand, Pistil, Xar, Bloodspaw

Hey You, Skinless, Kishpa, Chuckie, Crolack

Some people

Jedi Knights

Scavenger hunters

More scavenger hunters

Scavenger hunters galore!

Bshadowl falling in love

Necros! Front: Tensor, Nanook Middle: Bleu, Elvira Back: Aragon, Zobotron, Kryten, Malk, Bshadowl, Shadowhawke, Tankboy

Wizard picture during a freak Las Vegas total eclipse

Aftermath 1

Aftermath 2

Aftermath 3


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