Other Abilities


Although Changelings are focused strongly on combat, they do have other abilities for just having fun.


The guild power "mimic" allows Changelings to assume the shape (short description) of any object they can sample by contact, including monsters, non-player characters, and player characters. Only the appearance of the object is assumed - no abilities of the object are gained. However, Changelings are not allowed to use this power to mimic quest items, quest monsters, shopkeepers, or anything else that might annoy another player.


The guild power "transmogrify" allows Changelings to specify the shape, size, and general appearance of their form. For example, instead of simply being a Wolverine, a Changeling could become an enormous Wolverine. As a Changeling gains familiarity with a form, they gain the ability to alter the appearance of the form more.


Ashamed of your death scars? Changelings can "revivify" themselves to remove death scars.


Although not a specific guild ability, some Changelings like to learn only forms that fit a particular theme. For example, one Changeling prefers "cute" forms like Duckling, Rabbit, and Platypus. Another learns only dinosaurs, while a third learns only other prehistoric forms (Sabre Tooth Tiger, Mastodon). Yet another Changeling prefers forms that could occur in Alaska (Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, etc.).