Slick (WGM)








Guild History


In ages past, when memories fade to myths and legends, an Animal guild existed in the realms of the Three Kingdoms. No living memory now can say exactly what these Animals were like, but in time that guild was replaced with a Changeling guild. Unfortunately, the original Changeling guild was closed, only to reopen, better than ever, after a massive recode by Tharog.




1999: The original Changeling guild is closed.


November 29, 2002: The Changeling guild is opened for restricted membership after a recode under Tharog.


December 6, 2002: The Changeling guild is opened for unrestricted membership.


December 8, 2002: 50 players had joined Changelings after just two days!

January 10, 2003: Bioplasts (discrete, portable heals) become available.


January 20, 2003: Slick begins coding for Changelings.


February, 2004: Wyvern closing in on complexity 200.