Starting Out as a Changeling



Once you join Changelings, you can start adventuring very quickly. Although the Changeling information files are extensive and detailed, only a few key concepts need to be understood to begin. A quick perusal of the "info starting" file and a few others will give you enough information to start. A new Changeling must decide whether to learn a form at once or rely on the "native" forms given upon joining the guild. He must learn how to use "lore" to evaluate potential foes, frequently "morph" to rebuild his chosen form to heal himself in combat, and recover energy by "absorb" ing the corpses of opponents.

<- Desert (preserve) Grasslands (preserve) ->



In some secret place, the Changeling guild maintains one or more biological preserves. It is to these hidden oases that Changelings must go to study the life forms that they will imitate. Rumor has it that the preserve(s) are vast indeed and require much time and diligence to explore. Within the preserve(s) exist over a hundred life forms with greatly varied characteristics. Not only do the life forms vary greatly in aggressiveness, robustness, and agility, but it's rumored that some of them may even have special powers!


<- Slime (default form) Human (default form)->



As a new member of the Changeling guild, adventuring is simple and enjoyable. The set of commands necessary for combat is limited and straightforward, and with relatively strong constitutions, Changelings are not easy to instantaneously kill, making them excellent explorers. A Changeling can have at least two very different forms at his disposal very soon. Switching between the forms makes adventuring more interesting.



<- Forest (preserve) Mountains (preserve) ->