The History of the Jedi

A Sith Holocron

Like many religions, the Jedi once passed down their teachings from one generation to the next through apprenticeship. Yet as years crept on, and the limitless power of the Force manifested itself in unending forms, the Jedi needed to find another way. And that way too, came through the Force.

Taking a piece of themselves, each Jedi Master learned to store their knowledge in complex crystals, preserving all that they had learned of the Force and its use. These ancient crystals, preserved through the ages as the greatest of all Jedi treasures, are our only link to the past. Now, upon the fall of the Empire and the dawning of a new age, the knowledge of the ancient masters needs to be relearned to help rebuild the galaxy and maintain the peace. We've turned full circle, and the Jedi are needed once again. Come, sit with me. We'll listen to the teachings of times long past and learn to once more awaken the power of the Force within us.

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