The History of 3K's Jedi

Jedi Holocron The Jedi of 3 Kingdoms have traveled a very long road to get to where they are today. A simple look at the guild's version history can tell you that. But what many people don't know is why the guild is here, or how it came to be in the form it is in.

This is that story.

One person, years ago, had a dream to found a Jedi Academy for the people of 3K. This first Jedi, Valtor, rose from the ranks of the players and into wizhood to fulfill his dream and see Jedi roam the realms.

His were days far different than those we know now. Days of fewer rules, arbitrary enforcement of the ones there were, and a general state of shoddy workmanship all around. Yet he persevered under these conditions and managed to find the spark of the Force and bring it to 3K in the form of a fledgling guild.

Yet Valtor's work was not wholly successful, nor was it terribly satisfying. The Force flowed, but weakly, or not at all. So he summoned aid in shaping the Jedi.<

Syd answered his call and together they attempted to revive more of the lost teachings of the Jedi. The secret of the lightsaber was found, though not refined. Also brought to life were the powers to heal and harm others, though they too lacked refinement.

And then came a dark time for the Jedi. Perhaps a loss of faith by those trying to break through the barrier and bring the Force to the realms, perhaps sheer exhaustion. Whatever the cause, the project faltered and stagnated....

....and still the realms were without Jedi.

But Valtor wanted to see the undertaking finished, so again he searched for help. This time, coaxing another to follow is path and rise from the tedium of player life. Nanook rose in the ranks and began to search for ways to bring the power of the Force to the realms.

But it was not as easy as he thought, and he quickly understood the reasons for Syd and Valtor faltering. The focus and drive, concentration and perseverance required to pierce the veil and awaken the Force about us was incredible. Nay, close to inconceivable. And while he tried, he often despaired. And in the despair the Jedi were mired with him.

And years passed with slow steps forward, gradually learning more of the Force and how to wield it. With no one to learn from, and no one yet to teach, the process was slow going and difficult beyond imagining. But the spark of discovery lay just beyond his grasp, flirting with him to keep him moving forward.

And then Valtor returned to the realms, refreshed and eager, with new insight and drive. The work began again, but not alone. Two Jedi Masters strove to achieve what had started as the dream of but one.

And they succeeded. The Force pulsed about them, through them, between them. From one another they learned what alone was impossible, and finally they were ready to teach others.

And they shared their knowledge. With only a few at first, then more. And finally stepping back to watch as their own students became the masters and spread the teachings of the Jedi.

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