inactive lightsaber

A lightsaber is the characteristic weapon of a Jedi. It is an ancient weapon, based upon simple technologies and the sound concept of simplicity. Many people look upon this Jedi weapon with scorn, but without a true understanding of what a lightsaber is to its creator. Those who scorn the lightsaber do so because they see it as only a weapon. And when comparing the power and relative safety of using a blaster to the up close and personal use of an energy blade, one might be inclined to agree with them.

another inactive lightsaber

Of course, to a Jedi, a lightsaber is much more than a simple weapon. A lightsaber is as much a part of the Jedi as a hand or eye. It is constructed not merely from metal, plastic and gems, but also from the spirit and with the Force. Each lightsaber is attuned to the Jedi who constructed it. Others may use it, but none will fight so well as the person who created it.

Each lightsaber is constructed from several common parts: red saber
A casing - The outer shell of the saber. Most commonly constructed from a light metal alloy today, it can be of any substance which will be durable enough to withstand the punishment of combat. Other materials used in the casing are bone, wood and plastic
A power cell - The power source of a lightsaber is a small battery. The drain of the energy blade is really quite small considering the energy beam it creates. Any battery will do, but those used to power hand lamps and some portable sampling tools are most often used because of their small size. Remember, the cell has to fit inside the casing and be comfortable in a Jedi's hand.
A power amplifier - The small power units used in a lightsaber are not strong enough to generate the beam on their own. It is the amplifier which increases the power cell's energy enough to generate the lightsaber's blade.
Connective circuitry - Being an electronic device, the lightsaber requires connective circuitry to link all the aspects of it and provide the simple, yet necessary, items like a power switch. The circuitry of a lightsaber is really rather simple, but without it, nothing works.
Focusing crystal - The crystal is the heart of a lightsaber. Without one, the weapon will not function. With a flawed one, the weapon will fail. It is the crystal, more than any other part of the lightsaber, which is attuned to a Jedi