Jedi Guild Version History

Version 1.0
Initial incarnation of the guild, coded by Valtor and Syd. This version had no guild levels. Each Force skill was trainable only once and cost real experience points that must be gained while a Jedi. All powers were based off player's real level, with peak power reached at level 40.
Version 2.0
Second incarnation of the guild, coded by Nanook. This version introduced guild levels into the mix and guild experience. However, much of the core code remained the same. Powers were based off a mixture of the guild levels and real levels.
Version 3.0
Third incarnation of the guild, coded by Valtor and Nanook. This version of the guild completely revamped the method all the guild abilities were structured. Problems with the lightsabers and damage shields were solved. Much stronger definition of the Light and Dark paths.
Version 3.1
Introduction of variable spell lists, full use of the concentration aspect, the deflect saber method, launch item ability, mind shield, refresh. Largely influenced by Valtor's renewed interest in the project and suggestions by Ironfist in his brief stint as a wizard.
Version 3.2
Overall code cleanup and commenting. First incarnation of the guild submitted for review. (February 1996)
Version 4.0
In the 7 month wait for a guild review, Valtor and Nanook managed to completely recode the guild a 4th time. The guild chat lines were daemonized as well as the majority of the guild commands moved into stand alone command files. Essentially an efficiency recode to reduce overall memory and cpu usage of the guild. This is the first version of the guild to be opened for official play testing. (August 1996)
Version 4.1
First version of the guild opened to the mud on a permanent basis. Minor power changes combined with major debugging from play testing. (October 9, 1996)
Version 4.2
First approved version of the guild. Reviewed by Crowley. Minor adjustments to powers and guild experience rates. Considered a separate version from 4.1 mostly because it is the first approved form of the guild. (April 1997)
Version 5.0
Most noticable change on the player side is the introduction of the Fury saber mode. Accompanying the introduction of this new combat style was a complete recode of the melee combat system to reduce system load and streamline it for future additions. (June 1997)
Version 6.0
Introduction of variable lightsaber configurations. Major recode of the combat code to make it even more versitile and expandable for future code changes. Introduction of 3 new saber configurations to allow for 15 total lightsaber modes in combat. (September 1997)
Version 6.01
Downgrade of combat forms to lessen damage to acceptable levels. Lower number of attacks in fury and normal modes. Introduction of the ability to dodge attacks and confuse foes. (February 1998)
Version 7.0
Migration to a completely skill based system. 49 trainable skills at time of opening, 17 initial career paths to follow. Major increases in defensive and damage avoidance abilities. Some decrease to offensive potential. (September 17, 1998)
Version 7.1 Weapon code reworked to allow infinate expandability of guild weapons. Combat modes altered from training with skill points to training through use. New weapon added to the arsenal (lightstaff). (January 1999)

Last updated: February 7, 1999 by Nanook.