Topic: Ansiwho
SYNTAX:  ansiwho

This command will give you some information on setting colors to your
mywho lister.  These colors will save over reboot.

You can customize the colours of the mywho lister using:
      'setcolor [var] [colour]'
where [var] is one of:

  mywho_idle     :  idle entry
  mywho_idle2    :  idle more than 1 hour
  mywho_ld       :  link_dead entry
  mywho_ld2      :  link_dead more than 1 hour
  mywho_offline  :  offline entry
  mywho_online   :  online entry
  mywho_title    :  header and footer

For example, 'setcolor mywho_idle green' will show all idle entries
on your list as green.  Provided you have 'ansi on', of course. :)
When you haven't specified a colour, mywho will use its own default

See Also:  mywho, mywho2, diswho, addwho, checkwho, mysoul, mywhosync

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