Topic: Player Evolution

  I've noticed over the years a tendency among them players who frequent
  our fair for time spans measured by years.  Here's the (progressive?)
  evolution I've determined.  Perhaps this might have something to do with
  this latest crisis.

 1.  Newbie Stage - Player is unbelievably clueless.  Expect the mud to
  be like their previous mud so spend most of their time typing
  old commands that result in quite a few "What?"s.  Player maintains
  a low-key and doesn't disturb other players or wizards.  Generally
  views wizards as being beyond reach in their world.

  2.  Midlevel Stage - Players begin to expand their knowledge of both the
  mud and their fellow players.  Everything is new and wondrous
  and many happy memories are created through group adventures and other
  various exaggerations.  During mud parties, players spend most of their time
  telling fables about their time in this stage.  Players continue to avoid
  wizards and very high level players, simply because they don't need the
  added complexity.

  3.  Early High Level Player - Players begin to explore ONLY 4-5 areas every
  time they log on.   Most still make friends, but the beginning of
  boredom begins to surface.  Players are now mostly addicted to the mud
  due to their relationships with fellow mudders.  Occasionally they help
  other players through areas which are old hat for them.  Players begin
  to complain about quests and the unfairness of them (this is due to
  the fact that they only explore the same 4-5 areas every time they
  log in).  They've now also witness a few mistakes made by wizards
  and they start to humanize them in their own minds.  Arguments against
  wizard decisions are strong, but still fairly guarded (just in case)

  4.  High Level Player - Players begin to feel as though they "own" the
  mud.  Any attempt to change their surroundings cause several seizures
  throughout the High Level player ranks.  Players are extremely
  complacent and are now quite bored of killing the same monster over
  and over again.  Even though this is the case, Players really only
  visit 5-6 areas regularly.  Players also begin to feel a mastery in
  their guild.  Because of boredom of killing some of the toughest monsters
  in the game... players now aim towards what they view as the "next level
  monster" - The wizards.   Players claim to know more about the mud
  than the wizards do at this stage and begin harassing the wizards as
  often as they can.  Wizards tend to ignore it because of that
  "Freedom of Speech" thing.  As a result players feel as though they're
  bigger than the wizards because "obviously they're right because the
  wizard didn't respond and knows your right".

  5.  Really high level Player - Players spend all their time complaining,
  claiming to be gods, and harassing wizards.They continue to push and push
  and push until eventually the wizard just says "F*ck it" and wipes
  their butt or punishes them in some manner.  Players have now
  entered the "Martyr Stage" which makes them a champion of player
  rights everywhere.  They stomp around nobly claiming to have attempted
  to right the heinous evil that is the administration.  When in truth,
  only those players in stage 4 and 5 really feel anything for them.
  The majority of players are enjoying the game as it was MEANT to be.
  They love what's here simply because it is here, not because they
  have "A right" to have it however they wish it to be.  Players at
  this stage usually either suicide or just fade away out of boredom.

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