Topic: Help Menu System

 SYNTAX:  help [optional toggle] [string argument]

Welcome to 3K's help system!

The universal helper system provides you with the ability to read
help files, search them by keyword or category, or list them in an index.

Here's how it works:

There are two ways of seeing all of 3K's help files.  For the novice or
for those who prefer less spam, you can type 'help', and you will see a menu
of 3K's help topic categories, and some directions on perusing help topics by
category.  If you prefer, you can type 'help -all' for a complete list of the
available help topics, sorted by category.  If you exclusively prefer this
method, you can save yourself a few keystrokes by aliasing 'help' to 'help -all'
(see 'help alias' for more information)

Once you find an available topic, you may choose to 'help ' to show
the detailed information about that topic.

Several toggles are available to make it easier to search for help topics.  The
complete list with descriptions and examples of using each follows.  Feel free
to try out the examples so you have an idea how things work:

client       Send a help file to the Portal autotyper (if used)
index        Access the help system indexing feature
search       Access the help system keyword feature
list         Access the help system category list feature

The index feature will help you find topics if you have only some idea
of what you're looking for.  Here are some examples:

help index s      -- lists all help files beginning with the letter 's'
help index shout  -- lists all help files beginning with 'shout'.
help index        -- lists an index of all help files, sorted by category.

The keyword feature will allow you to list topics associated with the
input keyword, along with a short description of what that topic is about.
Here are some examples:

help search rules      -- lists help files that have 'rules' as a keyword topic.
help search [category] -- lists help files that fall under the named category.

Most keywords are themselves help topics (also known as a 'SEE ALSO:'),
but there are several other 'logical' keywords that have been incorporated to
group similar help files together beyond having them keyword each other.

@@All players may use:
  help search mortal  - list all 'mortal' player topics

  help search communication - lists all such player topics

 All keywords that are themselves help topics will appear as a
'SEE ALSO:' at the bottom of the help output.  By using 'help search ',
you may list the help topics that have been associated with that help topic.

The category list feature will list all help topics that fall under one of the
available categories (as listed when you type 'help' with no argument).
Recently, it was made so this command works with any available keyword as well.
Here some examples:

help list important  -- lists help files that are in the 'important' category.
help list mortal     -- lists help files that are in the 'mortal' category.

Some help topics belong to more than one category, so may show up more
than once.

PLEASE NOTE: For UNIX junkies and those more comfortable with UNIX switches,
You can use help -c, -i, -k, or -l as described for client/index/search/list
features above.

If this help file is not clear or is out-of-date, please contact Vraal.

The helper system was coded with the combined effort of Lagman, Angio, and
Gogglesman, and is currently managed and updated by Vraal .  The project could
not have been possible without support from other wizards such as Nanook
and Kinslayer.  If you see any of them and appreciate the work that has gone
into this, any kind words make such a project feel worthwhile =).

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