Topic: Highmortal

    High Mortal is a title earned by collecting a certain number of
quest points.  The exact number you need fluctuates over time as the
scale of the system changes.  You must also be at least 30th level to
receive this title.

    High Mortals may change their titles at will.  They may not change
their alignment (the word that appears in parentheses after the title),
but they often use the pretitle and title together to form interesting
and unique titles.  In addition they may choose to remove themselves
from the 'who' listing type commands at will.

    They may also change their entrance and exit messages that other
players will see when they enter or leave a room.  Many High Mortals
create entrance and exit messages that match, creating interesting
illusions and effects.  The messages must always contain their name,
and the exit message must contain the name of the exit they are leaving

    In addition to altering their appearances as such, High Mortals may
also communicate with others for much less cost.  Tells and link tells
no longer cost spell points.

    High Mortals may choose which of the six fantasy realm entrances
they appear in when passing through the fantasy portal.  This makes
traveling through the large fantasy realm much easier and faster.
People who are following a High Mortal and who themselves are not High
Mortal will appear in the current default portal.  However, a High
Mortal may summon another player if that player is in the base area of
the kingdom.  This does not work for the other two realms as well.

   High Mortals of sufficient level may also earmuff people past level
49, without the use of earmuffs.  At an even higher level, High Mortals
may elect to create a legal second character, which must be registered.
Only one of the characters may be logged in each reboot, so they must
choose wisely each time they log in.

    High Mortals also have their own chat line.  This line is different
from most of the other ones players have access too, because its
members are in different guilds and yet at the same time of a limited
group.  High Mortals usually have at least a passing knowledge of each
other and share a tighter bond between themselves.

    As can been seen by the above powers, High Mortals enjoy many
advantages.  Their rewards are well earned, however.  Overcoming the
challenges presented in the quests is never an easy task, and these
people are the few who have managed to surpass a great many of those
challenges.  If you are up to the task, you may one day join their

    When you meet the requirements for High Mortal, you will
automatically become a High Mortal.  At that time you may need to exit
the game and log back on to get full use of all your High Mortal
abilities.  Your High Mortal status will be shown in your finger

** UPDATE AS OF 10/18/99 **

There are now several ranks of highmortal that can be achieved, most
with access to new highmortal commands!  The ranks are as follows:

Champion    -- basic High Mortal status
Crusader    -- achieved with 100 QP over the amount required for HM
Hero        -- achieved with 150 QP over the amount required for HM
Legend      -- achieved with 200 QP over the amount required for HM
Titan       -- achieved with 300 QP over the amount required for HM
Seeker      -- achieved with 400 QP over the amount required for HM
Inquisitor  -- achieved with 500 QP over the amount required for HM
Questor     -- achieved with 650 QP over the amount required for HM
Sleuth      -- achieved with 800 QP over the amount required for HM
Luminary    -- achieved with 950 QP over the amount required for HM
Seer        -- achieved with 1100 QP over the amount required for HM
Archon      -- achieved with 1250 QP over the amount required for HM
Sage        -- achieved with 1400 QP over the amount required for HM
Prophet     -- achieved with 1550 QP over the amount required for HM
Oracle      -- achieved with 1700 QP over the amount required for HM

** UPDATE AS OF 01-OCT-2001 **

Please read 'questlist required' for the current number of quest 
points required to achieve high mortal status.

See also: levels, quest, hmpowers

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