Topic: Houses

Tired of having your conversations interrupted by people running
in and out of the room? Longing for a place to stash that extra
equipment? Visit the 3-K Real Estate Office and purchase a house.

The Real Estate Office is located e/n/e/e/n/n/e from login.
Before you can purchase a house, you need to make deposits into
the "House Saving ATM Machine" till you reach the purchase price
of 500K coins. Then, once you are level 30 or higher, you can buy
your house and proceed to design, decorate, and personalize it.

You can access your house from a number of places in town. Plus,
you can invite your friends to visit or even provide them with a
spare set of keys.

As you develop your house, you can also qualify for one of the
house owner ranks. These ranks highlight those who have put a lot
of work into their house thus making them great places to visit.

So, why wait, head over to the Real Estate Office today!

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