Topic: Mail

SYNTAX:     mail
            mail [person1] [person2] [person3] [etc]

Typing 'mail' with no arguments will show you all the mail in
your mailbox.  From there, you can read each of them individually.

Typing in one or more names on a line as shown above will allow you
to mail people whatever you want them to know.  There will
be a 'New Mail' notification when a person logs in, if they
got new mail while they were gone.

For a detailed list of commands from within the mailer, please
enter the mail menu and type '?'.

Please note: if you are under level 5, you cannot send unsolicited mail
to other (non-wizard) players. However, you may reply to players' mail,
and even group reply. You may also mail any wizards, or mud mailing groups.

See also: finger

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