Topic: Nickname

SYNTAX:  nickname [nickname] [text]

nickname                  List all nicknames
nickname nickname       List the nickname 
nickname nick text   Add a new nickname definition

Nicknames are a powerful tool by which you can make your mudlife
a little easier.  A nickname merely substitutes a word (not the
first word of the command, however) with another word or words.

A nickname is similar to an alias in that it is used to substitute
one or many words for a single word.  However, unlike an alias, 
nicknames are used to substitute on the command line, but not the 

Here is an example:
 nickname rast rastafan
 tell rast I think rast is a unique name.
Would result in:
 tell rastafan I think rastafan is a unique name.
It substitutes every word that matches for the new word.

 nickname sm smile
Would NOT allow you to type sm to smile, as it is not an alias.
But, if you then typed: tell sm Hi!
You would be telling the person 'smile' Hi!

Finally, if you're having problems with commands suddenly not working
anymore, please check your alias or nickname list before confronting
a wizard--your problem often lies therein.

See also: alias, ralias, rnickname

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