Topic: Punishment

In the event that an illegal action has occurred by either a wizard or
a player, punishment for the crime will be decreed by a Lord or higher.
Depending on the severity of the offense and the number of previous
offenses, punishment will range from either a mailed warning (with a cc to
a high-ranking wiz) to complete banishment of your character.  In all
fairness, the guilty party will have the right to explain themselves
and get in "their side" of the story, if there is one to give.  If
a titled wizard witnesses the event, there is no 'story' to give.  So
don't expect a trial.  Judgements are final.  This isn't
the United States Judiciary System.  This is a mud.  No appeals.
   -  For player and wiz alike, light, first-time offenses will most
      likely cull a "slap on the wrist."  You will be told your crime and
      warned about not doing so again.  Infractions of this nature include
      harassment, weapons & armour being too high in class without proper
      approval, and basically non-serious, annoying things.
   -  For player and wiz alike, cheating (quests/money/bug abuse/etc) 
      will be cause for demotion with no previous warning or offenses.
   -  For wizards, desting and transing other wizards is cause for demotion
      and/or limitation of power.  These acts are highly annoying.
   -  Second offenses will be cause for demotion and/or limitation of
      power.  (For wiz and player).  And potentially banishment.
   -  For wizards and players, multiple playing characters (in other words,
      not a test character for a wizard) are not allowed on this mud.  If
      you are caught playing more than one character, your highest level
      character will be banished and your lowest level character will be
      demoted to level 1.  We hate them.  Understood?
   -  For wiz and player, intentional damage to the mud is just cause
      for banishment.

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