Topic: Reimbursing
     The management of 3K would like to apologize in advance
     for the occasional crashes and bugs that will bring the
     mud crashing down at random intervals (fewer lately but
     you never know) and cause players to lose experience,
     equipment or cash.  Save often.
     In the case of a crash the mud code has a routine that
     reimburses some fraction of the value (usually the
     buy value in the Pinnacle shop) of the objects that are
     visible in your inventory.  This routine, however, is
     often bypassed or destroyed by catastrophic crashes.
     In the case of a crash which does not reimburse you in
     any way for lost cash or equipment, we apologize but
     there is no reimbursement under any circumstances.

     No reimbursement of any kind for any loss due to any
     form of connection/linkdeath/internet problem will
     In the case that an in-game bug causes a player a loss
     of life, experience, equipment, cash, or a solved quest,
     the Lords of the mud are permitted to reimburse you but
     ONLY if they can find the specific bug and replicate
     what happened to you.  If they can't, you are out of
     Everyone takes the same risks playing here.  If the
     link to 3K leaves you active fighting a monster, we cannot
     reimburse for any death that may occur.

     In the case that a player forgets his or her password,
     only the Admin can help you.  We reserve the
     right to refuse your request to give you a new one on
     the grounds that unless we know you well and have some
     means to identify you, it may very well be your worst
     enemy who is claiming to have forgotten the password.
     In the case that a "friend", "roommate", or passing
     stranger takes control of your account or player
     character and then kills it, makes it go PK, suicides
     it, or causes it to do actions causing demotion or 
     other punishment, we refuse to undo the actions for 
     any reason other than a provable violation by a wizard
     of the character file via edit or patch.  Again, only
     Admin can deal with such a problem.
     PLEASE NOTE:  In all above instances, please seek out 
     the help of a titled wizard (Lord+) before going to an
     Admin.  If it is not within their power to help you, they
     will then pass you on to an Admin. 
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