Topic: Score

SYNTAX:   sc | score | score2 | mudscore 

The 'sc' command, short for the 'score' command will show you a
colourful report detailing your character's attributes and
accomplishments.  This includes your level, quest points, and
statistics, among other things.

When you pass any  to 'sc' or 'score', it will show just your
statistics on a single line.

Many guilds add guild-specific character information to the score 
sheet, or have alternate score sheets listing other information.
Contact a specific guild's members for more information about
the workings of that particular guild. If you want to overrule
your guild's score command, type 'mudscore'.

You can customize the colours with 'setcolor [var] [color]', where
[var] is one of the following:

  sc_text     : The text, like 'Wimpy:' and 'Exp :'
  sc_value    : All values in the score list, like '13'.
  sc_title    : Your title.
  sc_warning  : Medium hps/sps, or when you're very drunk.
  sc_danger   : Low hps/sps, stat penalties, or when you're blind drunk.
  sc_bonus    : Extra hps/sps, stat bonus.

For example, 'setcolor sc_bonus yellow' will show any stat or hp/sp
bonuses in a yellow color.  Provided you have 'ansi on', of course. :)
When you haven't specified a color, score will use its own default

See also:  mudscore, score2

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