Topic: Vote for 3K

We've registered at the topmudsites website and now need your help
to confirm that 3K is the best mud on the face of the planet.  It's your
chance to get lots of people to visit 3K and realize what you've known
all along, that nobody can beat 3K

Here's the link.  Once you go there, you then need to click and enter the
site and you're done.
Put this link into your favorites and click not more often than every 12
hours (any more often than 12 hours aren't counted).  Every vote counts
so take a couple seconds each day and click 3K to coolness
The only way to get #1 is with your constant help, so visit every 12
hours and make it known that 3K is the best mud anywhere!

Also, feel free to write a review if you'd like to tell more people
about all the good things we have to offer.  Tell your friends, wake
the neighbors.


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