Topic: Waypoints
   One feature of Three kingdoms is the usage of waypoints
  to give one the advantage of getting a little closer to
  that 'boot run' item, or even closer to one's guild.  The 
  usage may vary from one player to the next.

   What is a waypoint?  Located throughout the realms are
  small portals, refered to as 'waypoints'. These may be
  freely activated by any player.  Once it has been 
  activated, it will keep a record of their name for a 
  certain amount of time.  This is then used so as each 
  player logs into the mud and proceeds to 'jump' from 
  the login room, they will be transported to their last
  activated waypoint. If that waypoint has expired, it 
  will move them to their second to last activated 
  waypoint and so fourth.

   Each waypoint may activate differently, so you need
  to simply look at them and figure out how each operates.

   If you haven't already found and used one, you should 
  seek them out.  Don't be the only one who doesn't.

  Note: Returning back to login and trying to 'jump' will
        not transport you to your last waypoint.  It will
        only work upon login to Three Kingdoms.

See also: checkway

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