Valley of the Tribes: Several armed groups, mostly concerned with each other Juggernaut Guild: Pinnacle powered armor troop base.  Do not anger Genetics Lab: Recent excavations have uncovered large mutated rodents Aurora Missile Base: Reduced to rubble.  Pre-war nuclear reactor insecure Luddite Commune: Many people with common dress, unusual vegetation readings Contention Training Grounds: Open sparring/training area.  Recruit chance? Alien Ship: Large silver spacecraft, armed and dangerous Lost City: Gangs control what wreckage remains of this city Ruined Bunker: No radio contact with bunker since war, presumed lost Car Wars: Unwelcoming, but did not attack on sight.  Resource connections? Water Tower: Friendly force, water supply for the local area MicroTech: Improperly secured nuclear reactor, currently in peaceful use Weather Station: Control station for COMSTAR satellite.  No radio response Impact Crater: A large meteorite crashed here recently.  To investigate Sol Chem: Chemical plant currently under the control of armed gangs Bomb Shelter: Photos show underground building recently exposed by a blast UED Installation: Friendly force, Dallas/Ft. Worth military compound Incinerator: Armed force seen transporting dead bodies to a complex here ICARE Hospital: Friendly installation, remediating biological hazards Antimammonist Vault: Cybernetic cult attempting to undermine monetary system Houston Transportation Center: Secure, most transport links functional now Alien/Alpha: ALPHA team found powerful, hostile alien force, need backup Camazots: Rift to so-called retirement community, did not let us enter Bombfreaks: [Rad/Cult] Worshippers of the power of the atomic bomb HTC Expansion: Now fully operational.  Enter NADF security code Old Guard Tower: Intact, abandoned tower.  Secure if moving into this area Fallout Shelter: Strike Industries.  Would not allow us to inspect reactor Toxic Waste Dump: Isolate until reprocessing/detox facilities online Hamilton Plant: Meat processing plant, run by Jeffrey Hamilton GenCorps: Believed to have genetic experimentation.  We were not allowed in Amazon Research Center: Allied force, staging area for Biotech Expedition Mortimer's Church: Occupied by armed men dressed as lizardmen, motive unk Old Subway Station: Waypoint on Houston-Altanta line.  Should secure Bandit Camp: Armed encampment, investigation attempts were met with force Detroit: This city is thriving and reasonably secure Collapsed Subway: Former waypoint on Detroit-DC line, currently inaccessible Ruined Reactor: [Rad/Bio] Partially functioning reactor, mutated workers Mantis Swamp: Contaminated, large mutated insects.  Posted warning sign Voodoo Scavengers: Armed, dangerous, appear to be a voodoo cult Atlanta: This city is thriving and reasonably secure Kilton Research: Did not respond to request for interview.  Investigate soon Pittsburgh: Wreckage, bio threats.  4th Inf Div has secured southern edge Swede Research Center: Private research facility, secure by electric fence Murdock Chicken Plant: Meat processing plant, under mutant chicken control Military Bunker: Bunker forces opened fire when we attempted to approach Underwood Disease Testing Center: CDC facility, unsecured since war Global Merc Training Theatre: Allied force, simulation training facility Environmentalist Camp: Militant environmentalist group controls this area X1S17 Stealth Tank: Located tank formerly assigned to Cpt. Sutherton here A Lone Camp: Small armed camp of cybers.  Investigate to classify Military Camp: Friendly force, base of operations in Northeast Air Force Base: Former Air Force base, currently overrun by gangs Temple of Syrinx: Recently created religion to recently created diety New York City: The Manhattan district is thriving and reasonably secure Exobiology Lab: Setup to study alien biology, lost contact in war [El Paso] [Denver] [Dallas] [Ft. Worth] [Oklahoma City] [Tulsa] [Kansas City] [Lincoln] [Minneapolis - St. Paul] [New New Orleans] [Milwaukee] [Chicago] [Cleveland] [Columbus] [Indianapolis] [Louisville] [Little Rock] [Washington] [Norfolk] [Philadelphia] [Boston]