A Jedi's Abilities

Accelerated Healing, Reduce Injury, Clear Mind, Detoxify Poison, Soul Siphon
Lightsaber Combat, Melee Combat, Hand to Hand Combat, Dodge
Control Pain, Lesser Force Shield, Greater Force Shield, Resist Stun, Resist Poison, Enhance Metabolism
Launch Item, Inflict Pain, Injure-Kill, Telekinetic Kill, Force Lighting, Force Storm, Soul Siphon, Envenom
Enhanced Senses
Sense Force, Life Sense, Magnify Senses
Mind Affecting
Mind Trick, Cloud Mind, Animal Affinity, Confusion, Mindblock, Misdirect, Enrage, Telepathy, Distract, Inspire
Absorb Energy, Channel Energy, Drain Crystals, Dissipate Energy, Release Force, Telekinesis, Displace Matter, Transfer Force
Mental Abilities
Concentration, Force, Meditation, Hibernation Trance

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