Jedi undergo rigorous physical as well as mental training in their quest to better understand the Force. This training makes them more adept at avoiding attacks in combat through speed and agility. Your ability to dodge attacks is innate, a reflex if you prefer. It will happen on its own, without any contribution from you.

Do not be discouraged if you don't appear to be dodging often, for the more training you receive, the more often you will dodge. Also, you can only dodge some attacks, the same ones you can deflect, essentially attacks which you can anticipate. And, since dodging requires that you be able to move about easily as well as see what's going on about you, you will dodge less often if wearing helmets that restrict your vision or are too encumbered.

A Jedi of sufficient training in the Force and draw upon its power to help them anticipate the attacks of their foes. This will increase your chance to dodge twofold. Be warned though, it can be a very draining ability as it is active until you consciously decide to end it. If you're not in combat, you may wish to relax this passive Force technique to allow your body and mind an easier time to recharge.
Syntax: focus dodge /[on:off:status]
Force Skills: Sense
See Also: Concentration, Encumbrance

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