Glaebor's Early Cleric Guild Recollections

Woodblock Letter Starting out: I started out around March of 1993 when the now well-known Pistil introduced me to MUDs. I kept asking him how he could stand all that text gibberish without any graphics, as the lab we were working in at the time had become recently fixated on Ultima VI or some other game. Pistil convinced a number of his friends, I particularily remember Sven because he was a very early cleric, and some of his coworkers that MUDding wasn't all bad and to give it a shot. When I started out Pistil was about level 15 circle 25 in the necromancers. He got me rolling south of Pinnacle to newbieland, spotted me some cash and equipment, and told me to go check out the newbie enchanted forest. He told me it was the only part of newbieland he had ever spent any time in and that if you could kill the vampire and get the sunknife you'd pretty much be set. I spent about 2 weeks getting that damn sunknife, and I was slow moving in levels. All the time, Pistil the mighty necromancer kept telling me that if he MUDded for an hour he expected to level once maybe twice and to get a couple of circles as well. So needless to say, I now was aware that I really sucked at MUDding. Pistil and the other lab necromancer, Unicorn, told me it was just a matter of joining a guild. They of course suggested their guild and told me how much butt they kicked. They were after all level 15 or 20 and had spells and stats over 10, so I thought they had to know something about what guilds could do to make adventuring more fun. So I resolved to get to level 5, max my stats, and get into a guild.

Woodblock Letter Ijust had to figure out which one suited me. The only ones Pistil, who had only been a necromancer, knew anything about were knights, clerics, cybercorps, and his own guild. Of course I think this only left the newbreed and bards guilds as unknown entities. After having Mack totally kick my butt around for hours and hours, go to pub, buy fries, eat fries, go back, Mack kicks my butt more, repeat process ad naseum, I said to Pistil: `Isn't there a guild that has some healing besides stuff from the pub?' He told me about the cleric's guild to the best of his knowledge. After all, there were perhaps 3 or 4 known clerics on 3K, and to see even 1 on at any given time was the exception. So I decided I'd had enough of a beating at the hands of that crazy Lego maniac, and I was going to get myself some healing. Of course Pistil thought this would be cool, and maybe he could squeeze some healing out of me. So I looked at the map of Pinnacle and wandered over to the southwest part of town, known primarily as the thouroughfare to the knights guild, hung a left and joined the clerics guild.

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Inscribed by: Glaebor -- October 02, 1995