The Clerics Guild

Woodblock Letter T he rich history of the Clerics Guild lies intertwined in the tapestry of Three Kingdoms, dating back to the origins of the mud. One of the first guilds, Clerics were originally coded by Timescape and have undergone continual change ever since. Perhaps the best images of this former guild are woven into the recollections of Glaebor.

Early Guild Recollections
How Glaebor became acquainted with the realms called Three Kingdoms.
Cleric Guild Recollections
Glaebor's initiation into the Guild known as Clerics.
The Reign of Nightshade
Nightshade's ascension to power as Coding Wizard of the Clerics Guild and the resulting mayhem.
The Fall of Steel
A Tribute to a former GM during the time of the Guild Closing Battles.
The Return of Keeble
Glaebor learns to play PK-a-boo, and Mosiah becomes reincarnated as a wizard.
The Killing of Lun the Monk Lord
A shining moment of glory recorded in the annals of player-killing.
The Reign of Keeble
The final Golden Age of the Clerics Guild.
The Cleric Guild Masters
A list of the Cleric's Guild wizard and player staff through time, with appropriate notes of past status.

Inscribed by: Zafirex -- August 19, 1999