The Killing of Lun the Monk Lord

Woodblock Letter One aspect of Three Kingdoms which draws much attention within certain circles of players is player killing. Player killing exists almost as a sect. It seems that every player from newbie up has some knowledge of the dangers and excitement of player killing within the realms. Certainly for myself the entire attitude and approch to adventuring has been altered immearsurably since whispering those fateful words to the Pinnacle bartender, `Pssst, I want to be a player killer.' In any event since that time I have seen many interesting confrontations, betrayals and hunts. The most memorable and one of the more notable player killing adventures I took part in was the killing of Lun, then Monk Lord and undefeated player killer.

Woodblock Letter I should mention that the month prior to this occurrence a major rift had opened within the historically dominant player killing clan, Circle of Might, better known as COM. Past members had included Crusader, Broderek, Stringer, Xiola, Mosiah, Keeble, Nightshade, Nivlac, Logo, and Motorhead. All names that in player killing circles at some point carried weight and presented formidable opposition. Disagreements arose, and a new opposition clan broke off from Crusader's iron-fisted leadership, with Lun remaining behind in Crusader's support. The new clan was called `The Hierarchy'. With membership including Logo, Motorhead, Fellow, Striker, and Mosiah to name but a few, The Hierarchy presented a formidable challenge to the previously unmuddied, Circle of Might-dominated player killing waters. I was recruited to The Hierarchy and it was shortly after joining that one of my most memorable three Kingdoms experiences occured.

Woodblock Letter Late one evening, the call came from one of the most dominant player killers in the history of Three Kingdoms, Motorhead, that he had spotted the target he desired and to meet him at the Fantasy Realm portal. We were going to Rastafan's new Underdark area. Set aliases for Lun. With the aid of Motorhead's necromancer trance we were one room east of the challenge beasts within the blink of an eye. Motorhead checked his status and asked if I was ready. `Yes', I said, and we entered the challenge arena. What occured next follows:

Deep Mountain Arena 2.
IceQueen Desire the Super-Mortal (nice).
Jizmak is Vraal the Holy Avatar of Morike (saintly).
Seklos the Holy Avatar of Nightshade (moral).
Silvergade the Lord of the JUNGLE (ANIMAL) (mean).
Mysterious Jenga the Expert Gleeman (Bard) (mean).
COMmander Lun the Monk Lord (nice).
Glaebor arrives.
A quasimancer lumbers in.
Motorhead reaches out and infect the Lun with a rotting disease!!
Motorhead points sternly at the Lun.
The quasimancer nods solemnly and attacks Lun.
With a mighty swing, Motorhead slashes Lun!!
Motorhead pulverized Lun with a powerful attack.
Motorhead throws a pinch of mandrake root into the air.
The root catches flame then sparkles to the ground.
Tiamat the Polychromatic Dragon swoops into the battle to help Motorhead.
Tiamat massacres Motorhead's enemy!
Motorhead wells up all of his energy into a focused blast of power!
Motorhead turns upon his enemy and keens a horrible scream.
Lun writhes in pain!
Magic powers strongly into Lun.
Motorhead becomes incorporeal and begins to radiate energy.
Motorhead calls forth the blinding rays of the sun onto Lun!
Motorhead calls forth the blinding rays of the sun onto Seklos!
Motorhead calls forth the blinding rays of the sun onto Desire!
Motorhead reaches out and infects Desire with a rotting disease!!
Glaebor calls upon the powers of Kyron and shatters Lun's very soul!!!
Lun fumbles around.
Lemmy the quasimancer hit Lun.
Lun hit Motorhead.
Lun hit Motorhead.
Lun hit Motorhead.
Lun lays hands.
Lun tried, but failed to run away.
A strong swing of Motorhead's arm powers his Whip!!
Motorhead smashes Lun with a bone crushing sound.
Glaebor grazed Lun.
Tiamat massacres Motorhead's enemy!
Scarlet death seeps with ruthless force into Lun!!
The spell blasts with great power!
Glaebor calls upon the powers of Kyron and shatters Lun's very soul!!!
Lun gurgles in his own blood as he dies.
Glaebor dealt the killing blow to Lun.

[CLAN DEATH] Lun has been slain by Glaebor!

You see the Grim Reaper fly over to the corpse of Lun. The
shadowy wraith expresses gratitude to Motorhead for providing it
with another poor soul. You see a dark shape gathering some mist...
or maybe you're just imagining that.

Vraal created a sphere of protection in this room.
Desire wails in pain as the mummy rot eats flesh and bone!!
Tiamat massacres Motorhead's enemy!
Scarlet death seeps with lashing force into Desire!! 
Motorhead's magic powers strongly into Desire.
Desire left the game. 
Vraal says: SHIT 
Tiamat the Polychromatic Dragon swoops away. 
Glaebor goes 'Woo Woo!' 
Motorhead's body shimmers in the light. 
Seklos shouts: arghhhhh 
Tensor [ADMIN-GUILD]:heh 
Gy shouts: A REAL PK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Glaebor offers the corpse to Kyron. 
Seklos shouts: NOOOOOOOOO *sigh* 
Motorhead goes 'Woo Woo!' 

Such is the life of player killing. And with killing comes death for everyone. But excitement such as this is rare and a fond memory.

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Inscribed by: Glaebor -- October 02, 1995