The Reign of Keeble

Woodblock Letter After Keeble's long and unexpected absence, the guild continued merrily along, with new members joining, old members moving on or simply disappearing. Guild membership increased, and it seems that few adventuring parties were to be complete without the trusty heals of a cleric in tow. Much of the guild stabilized, with the exception of a few consummate grumblers and complainers who continue in their state of disgruntlement or grumpiness to the present. The Cleric's guild, for the most part, seemed to reach a state of equilibrium and contentment. Mosiah was now active in the workings of the guild, and alongside Nightshade and Keeble, the trio presented a stable and strong presence for all of the faithful.

Woodblock Letter But alas, all things must change in the Three Kingdoms it seems. One day in the winter of 1994-1995, the guild awoke to find Nightshade had taken the lead of Keeble, and was now off adventuring in manual labor and shopping mall cruising. For the next few months Nightshade was only to be seen on rare occasions, often appearing unexpectedly in the middle of the night. This of course made it difficult for him to keep contact with the throng of nubile mud women enthralled by Nightshade's wizard status, neatly decorated workroom and sweet tongue. And so the helm of the guild was thrust upon Keeble. The span of Nightshade's absence was rather uneventful, with only the continual lonely complaints of Keeble to remind clerics of his absence.

Woodblock Letter This brings the guild history essentially to the present date. Recent notable happenings which will certainly effect the guild in future times are numerous. The return of Flaxen to the guild of his beginnings has been a welcomed reaquaintance. After a stint as Animals guild Guild Master in the company of Vraal (no further explanation required) he took the first available slow boat across Pinnacle back to the safe confines of the guild. Ulme has ascended to wizard, and rumors of a Swedish Cult of Grain Alcohol have been whispered within the guild halls. Lexus, the first Cleric Queen, has also joined the ranks of the wizards, and her sense of guild responsibility and camaraderie will surely be welcomed within the guild. Additonally, the Cleric's guild has been blessed by the presence of one of the Three Kingdoms' most respected and personable wizards, Blackstaff. The Cleric's Guild goes into the next era of Three Kingdoms history with leadership and membership that can be the envy of any guild.

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Inscribed by: Glaebor -- October 02, 1995