Combat Sphere

Woodblock Letter C ombat Sphere allows the Priest to call upon his deity to damage his opponent physically. This sphere encompasses diverse elements of damage, such as fire, ice, and mind, and there is even the ability to prevent an enemy from hitting back. Combat's opposite sphere is Healing. No gods grant initial access to the Combat sphere; it is only available at Step 30 or higher. It is typically chosen at that stage to complement strong healing. The choice of Combat sphere is obviously advantageous to the Priest who seeks to kill faster, especially while soloing.

Name: Flamestrike
Step: 10
Cost: 80 sp
Does: Causes a giant pillar of fire to descend from the sky and consume the target.

Name: Chilltouch
Step: 10
Cost: 80 sp
Does: Touches the target with near absolute zero cold. The cold may be so intense that it freezes the target for a short duration.

Name: Recite Verses
Step: 11
Cost: 50 sp to activate + 20 sp / round
Does: Caster recites verses from his deity causing emotional distress to the target. This spell lasts many rounds and can be used simultaneously with other combat spells.

Name: Priest Hold Person
Step: 12
Cost: 75 sp
Does: This spell will stop the target from hitting for a few rounds.

Name: Soulshatter
Step: 14
Cost: 100 sp
Does: Caster calls upon his God to shatter the target's soul. This spell in general is the most powerful spell in the Priest arsenal.

Note: Since Combat cannot be chosen until Step 30, the step requirements currently bear no significance.

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