Spheres and Spells

Woodblock Letter Priest spells are classified into different spheres of influence. These spheres are of no importance below step 10; however, once a Priest reaches step 10, they are of the utmost importance to them. There are 10 spheres in total. Each sphere has an opposition sphere. A Priest can have either minor access to one (access to spells below step 10) or major access (all spells). If you have major access to a sphere, you cannot have major access to its opposition sphere until you reach guild level 30. The spheres and their opposition spheres are:

Woodblock Letter W hen you choose your deity, you gain access to the spheres of influence that your deity gives you. Each deity gives their followers two major spheres. When you reach step 15, you may choose one of the six spheres (since you already have 2, and cannot choose their oppositions). At steps 20 and 25, you may choose another of your non-opposition spheres. Once you reach steps 30, 35, 40 and 45, you may continue to choose from the opposition spheres. At step 50, having seen the face of Galan, you gain infinite wisdom and knowledge and may cast all spells from any of the spheres.

Note: Combat Sphere cannot be selected until Step 30.

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