Gaia is the Demi-Goddess of the Earth.

Gaia is the Goddess initially followed by all Priests who enter the guild. Like the Earth, she provides a solid foundation of power on which all future spells may be based.

Alignment: Neutral
Spheres: None
HP Influence: Neutral
SP Influence: Neutral
Restrictions: None


Alvon, Fenris, Firefly, Fizban, Greeky, Gwyneth, Hobble, Kenny, Lucky, Lumina, Madman, Ninja, Obiwan, Phillipb, Rez, Salvador, Siuan, Taliesin, Tapakah, Tiderian, and Wildcat.

Gaia gives all priests of any guild level access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Augury                      augury         1    M   Divination
Create Light                glight         1    M   Weather
Detect Alignment            detect         1    M   Divination
Guardian                    guardian       1    M   Protection
Holy Plan                   hplan          1    -   All
Paction                     paction        1    -   All
Unmorph                     unmorph        1    M   Utility

Dispel Magic                dispel         2    M   All
Cure light                  cure light     2    H   Healing
Magical stone               mstone         2    C   Combat

Faerie Fire                 ffire          3    C   Weather
Messenger                   messenger      3    M   Nature

Commune                     commune        4    M   Divination
Cure Serious                cure serious   4    H   Healing
Fire Seed                   fireseed       4    H   Nature

Control Winds (inventory)   cwindi         5    M   Weather
Create Food/Drink           create         5    H   Summoning
Detect Magic                detectmagic    5    M   All
Entangle                    entangle       5    M   Nature
Magical Hammer              hammer         5    C   Combat
Magical Vestment            vestment       5    C   Protection
Obscurement                 obscurement    5    M   Weather

Golife                      golife         6    H   Mortic
Barkskin                    barkskin       6    M   Nature
Glyph                       glyph          6    M   Protection
Know alignment              know           6    M   Divination
Holy Symbol                 hsymbol        6    H   Healing
Cure critical               cure critical  6    H   Healing
Gomind                      gomind         6    H   Mortic

Enchant Weapon              enchant        7    M   Summoning
Peace                       peace          7    M   Charm
Pass Without Trace          pass           7    M   Nature
Protection From Fire        profire        7    M   Protection
Raise Dead                  raisedead      7    H   Mortic
Servant                     servant        7    M   Summoning
Shillelagh                  shillelagh     7    C   Combat

Cure Hit Points             chp            8    H   Healing
Cure Spell Points           csp            8    H   Healing
Fabulous Wings              wings          8    M   Partic
Haste                       haste          8    M   Charm
Cure Deadly                 cure deadly    8    H   Healing
Headstone                   headstone      8    M   Summoning
Protection from Lightning   prolight       8    M   Protection
Regenerate                  regenerate     8    H   Mortic
Wall of Thorns              wthorn         8    M   Summoning

Atonement                   atone          9    M   All
Cleanse                     cleanse        9    H   Mortic
Feather Touch               ftouch         9    M   Summoning
Holy/Unholy Word            word           9    C   Combat
Protection                  protection     9    M   Protection
Remove Fear                 remfear        9    M   Charm
Silence                     silence        9    M   Charm
Smite                       smite          9    C   Combat
Sober                       sober          9    H   Healing
Sphere of PK Protection     sphere         9    M   Protection

Battle Lore                 battlelore     10   M   Divination
Beseech                     beseech        10   -   All
Bless                       bless          10   M   Charm
Blade Barrier               blade          10   M   Summoning
Channel                     channel        10   -   All
Chill Touch                 chilltouch     10   C   Combat
Contingency                 contingency    10   -   All
Detect Poison               detpois        10   M   Divination
Holy Plan II                hplan2         10   -   All
Mend                        mend           10   -   SUPERPOWER
Flamestrike                 flamestrike    10   C   Combat
Retrieve Mana               aretrieve      10   -   All
Store Mana                  astore         10   -   All

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Inscribed -- March 4, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Ibix -- June 22, 1999