Morike is the Universal Embodiment of Life and the Goddess of Healing.

Alignment: Light
Spheres: Healing and Nature
HP Influence: Weak
SP Influence: Strong
Restrictions: No edged weapons, 1/2 mana on corpses

Known forms: Most commonly seen as a Female Drow(Dark elf). Occasionally seen as the legendary Phoenix.
Eye colour: Pink. Hair colour: Silver. Hair type: Long
Height: 5'7 Weight: 130 pds.
Usual attire: White cleric robes, or when in the lower planes grey cleric robes.

Being the Celestial Embodiment of Life is not just a title, for Morike is truly Life personified. She came into existance the moment the Universe began, everything that lives is touched by her undying flame, as she is connected to everything that lives. Thus you owe your very existance to this grand Diety, for even if you follow the Dark Gods it is deemed you show her the propert respect, if not homage. For once Morikes' divine flames burn no more all life in existance shall die with it.

Morike is a very kind Goddess, she almost always puts the welfare of others before herself. Known to have an enmity with Kalas, and he with her. Her actions when dealing with that paticular God, and his worshippers can be quite different from that of her normal self.

Morike often travels to the underworld, rescuing souls and people from the grip of Devils, Demons, the Dark Gods and other ancient evils. She has found the form of a female Drow to blend in rather well there, so it has become habitory over the eons for her to casually wear that form.

It is rumored that Morike once had a daughter with a male Drow Elf, her daughter's name has been lost in the folds of time. She loved her daughter with all of her heart, and brought her up to be a very powerful healer and Priestess. However this one and only daughter of hers was murdered by Vampires. They transformed her into one of their fellow undead, and thus made her a part of Kalas's Sphere of Power. Morike being the Embodiment of Life could have easily resurrected her daughter from death; but her power has no hold over the living dead. And thus it is said, Kalas only too happy to have this daughter of Morike's totally under his control, took the last essence from her undead form. In the process absorbing her essence into himself while consuming and destroying her Soul compeltely.

It is partly because of this that the enmity between these two Elder,Deities has grown so strong. And why Morike is so determined to rob,every soul she can from Kalas's grasp.

Morike provides her followers with major access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere

Invigorate                  invigorate     15   H   Healing
Bless                       bless          15   M   Charm
Radiance                    radiance       16   H   Healing
Curse                       curse          16   M   Charm
Lifeforce                   lifeforce      17   H   Healing
Remove  		    rempar         18   M   Charm
Soulforce                   soulforce      19   H   Healing
Beneficence                 beneficence    19   M   Charm
Rejuvenate                  rejuvenate     22   H   Healing


Deerslayer, Glen, Istari, Shadowlord, Sorcha, Alanis, Rodney, Jamil.


Woodblock letter As a small child, I lived with my mother and father outside a small village. My parents were hardworking and generous people who were always making room for a passing stranger or an out of luck traveler who needed a warm place to sleep. Following suit, they always let me care for any sick or helpless animal I found in the woods near our home. This was the pleasure of my childhood, helping my parents serve and assist the needy from our area in this majestic world.

Woodblock letter When I was barely a teenager, raiders ravaged our village, destroying most of the buildings and homes as well as the lives of the majority of the villagers. My parents home was one of the only buildings spared, yet my parents were among the many left gravely injured. Of those of us well enough to help the injured, I was the eldest. I organized my fellow children to move all of the survivors to my parents home where we had the supplies and room to try and nurse people back to health. I tried to use and teach the skills I had learned watching my parents and tending my wounded animals friends. The other children and I struggled for weeks, ministering to wounds as best we knew how. In the end we didn't have the knowledge or skills to save most of the wounded. Sadly my parents were amoung those we couldn't save.

Woodblock letter Feeling an unwanted bitterness creep into my soul, I knew that the constant reminders of the life I shared with my parents would not let me release the bandits from my anger and growing hatred. I decided to pack up the few survivors, and move to a new land where we all could resume our lives with healing hearts. I led my band of children and survivors down uncharted, dusty roads away from out heartbreak and tragedy and onward to a brighter future. Our travels were harsh, yet we followed close to the woods and were helped immensely by the animals I had once cared for. We all learned more about the strength and power of nature as we gradually came to terms with our losses.

Woodblock letter Eventually, we came to a larger town and a temple praising a god named Galan. The priests in the temple were very kind and took over the care of my charges, providing many of them with loving families while others were taught skills to begin their new lives in this area of the world. The priests soon reminded me how to live as my parents had taught me and how to release the last of my anger at the loss of my previous happiness. They saw my respect and love for all life (even that of the bandits who had destoryed my world) and taught me more healing skills. I soon found myself well equipped and confident that no matter what I faced, I would be able to help.

Woodblock letter Feeling the needs of the people outside the temple's walls, I soon bid my priest family farewell. I headed for the countryside, very confident and determined that with the support of Galan, I could honor my parents with my help to assist all lives. And so my journey continues, as I teach more people my faith in healing and respect for all life.

From Animus Splendorae, Ch. I, pp. 1:

Glory be to she who gives us all life! Praise to the Lady of Healing!

All life springs from Morike. Whether its inception is in egg, womb,
or alone in briny sea, each being is given a breath of the essence of
the Lady of Life.

Glory be to she who begins us! Praise be to Morike!

To preserve life is to honor the Maiden of Mending. Each soul that can
be kept in the world strengthens our lady; each soul that slips away
harms her. Yet even though the dead increase, our lady grows in
influence, for life is infinite. As long as there is life in the world,
she will stand victorious.

Glory be to the source of us all! Praise be to our lady!

Many are those who will steal from our lady's domain. It is the duty
of the faithful to engender and protect life, and to foster love, as
Morike wants us to love one another. Verily, life has its genesis in
the act of love.

Glory be to the Mistress of Love! Praise be to Morike!

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