You know you've been a priest too long when...

1) You don't see a problem with people hitting you, because you can heal away the damage.

2) You don't worry about jumping off a wall, because you can cast wings.

3) Ice vulnerabilities make you giggle.

4) When someone else is hurt, instead of running for the first aid kit, you try to mend them.

5) You are surprised when you can't lift your car, even after the ftouches.

6) You calculate ways to blackmail the wizards into giving you gxp.

7) You spend your spare time dreaming about more gxp.

8) You spend your spare time calculating how long to glevel.

9) When an earthquake hits, you try to taproot.

10) At parties, you go into the bathroom and try to cast sober.

11) You lie awake at night, wondering how Flower became known as "skunk".

12) Or why Twist is such a low glevel, considering he's GM and HM.

13) When you meet a woman called Anne, you automatically shield your eyes.

14) Whenever you see the seinfeld soup nazi, you think of Caniption.

15) Your goal is to become bigger thanIbix.

16) You wonder what a "goodbar" is, anyway.

17) You confuse the taigan song, err, barney song, with Taigan.

18) People shouting THE HAND OF FATE IS UPON YOU doesn't seem strange.

19) When people pay you out, you don't react, secure in the knowledge they'll be asking you for a mend in a moment. and probably smile, too.

20) The name "Drifter" makes you nervous.

21) You smirk with glee when a monk starts to bid against you. Silly no charisma guilds, they just don't get it.

22) Real Life is inferior, no bitch line for sotto voice comments.

23) You pick a fight with someone, just so you can get double gxp.

24) It annoys you slightly you can't benificence before going to the shops.

25) Jedi are no longer mystical warriors in a galaxy far far away, they're here, in your backyard, providing much amusement as they die alot.

26) The respect you gained for warders when you read about them, was lost when you met them.

27) When you see Michael Jackson's video clip "Thriller", your fingers itch to invoke the power of the daystar.

28) You tell people, "It's not a dress, it's a ROBE."

29) You tell people if they don't stop annoying you, you'll rip their head off and fill it with snakes.

30) You waste half an hour writing a priest related joke file when you have an accounting exam the next day. and you logon just to post it. and you still think it's worth the time spent.

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Inscribed by: Alias -- February 19, 2000