The Priests Guild

Woodblock Letter P riests, in the past, have been one of the largest guilds in Three Kingdoms in both number of members and amount of guild code. Though fewer in number these days, we still remain excellent in parties with other guilds and are constantly in demand due to our healing abilities. Guild members tend to be friendly, talkative, and willing to help out anyone in need. Originally coded by Timescape himself, the guild underwent a complete overhaul in 1997. The new version is even more diverse, thematic, and just plain fun. Feel free to ask any priest if you are interested in more information about the guild.

Gods of the Guild
A guide to the Gods, the ways of their paths, and their followers.
Spheres and Spells
A guide to the spheres and spells which experienced priests (over guild level 10) may use.
Map of the Guild
The Pantheon
Become spellbound as you discover the origins of the gods, the creation of the world, and how life came to mudbeings. By: Flaxen.
The Rise of the Priests
A history of the Priests guild: its rise, its fall, and its rebirth during the terror of the Mage Wars. Told by Elentil, one of the only remaining priests from before the Mage Wars. By: Flaxen.

Struggles of the Gods
Listen in as two gods scheme to advance their power for the betterment of their followers. By: Tramane.
Tales from Behind the Arch
Personal narratives by your favorite priests about why they joined our guild.
A Gift from the Dark Gods
A priestess plays with fire.By: Thyros.
Pictures of the Priest Family
Guild Staff
Who's Who in Guild Management: The wizards and guild masters of our guild.
You know you've been a priest too long when...

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