Topic: Ansivars

The following configurable ansi variables are currently supported.  You
can set them individually as you see them.  If you experience color
bleeding or other ansi problems, you can assign colors to the front-end
and tail-end of the variables after appending "_pref" (for prefix) or 
"_suff" (for suffix) to each variable name you choose.  

armour           When your armour breaks
attack           Damage and hits that you do
attacked         Damage and hits done to you
gossip           Gossip channel colours
kill             Killing blows in the room you're in
look_monster     Monsters you see
look_weapon      Weapons you see
look_object      Objects you see
look_armor       Armors you see
look_player      Players you see
look_other       Other things you see
melee            Other combat in the room
notify           People logging in and out (etc)
party            Party tells and messages
room_exits       The exits from a room
room_long        The long description of rooms
say              Stuff people say
spouse           Wedding ring chats
shout            Stuff people shout
soul             All soul commands
tell             Tells you send and receive
watch            Notify messages for 'watched' people
wimpy            When you run away/wimpy

See also:  ansi, aset, setcolor.

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