Topic: Setcolor

    setcolor [variable]          : Clears the value of a variable.
    setcolor [variable] [colour] : Sets the value to a variable.
    setcolor [variable] full     : Configures the variable to always
                                   use full-line ansi colour.
    setcolor [variable] part     : Configures the variable to always
                                   use partial-line ansi colour.
    setcolor [variable] default  : Configures the variable to use your
                                   default full/partial preference.
    setcolor                     : Shows all your variables and
                                   their colour.
    setcolor -check              : Shows a nicer listing of all your
                                   variables and their colours.

You may, for instance, set your tell to green by typing 'setcolor tell green'.
You may also do 'setcolor tell green+flash' which will give you a green
flashing tell.  Setcolor also allows you to define the colours you will see for
items (eg. 'set armour red').

The 'full' and 'part' args allow you to configure a specific variable to
always use full- or partial-line colouring, which override the default
(global) setting that you configure with 'ansi full' or 'ansi part'.
The 'default' option reverses that.

See also: ansivars, aset, setcolor, mudansi

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