Topic: Bug

SYNTAX:  bug [descriptive text]
         bug [item]: [descriptive text]

Used to report a suspected or known bug within an area/room,  
or on an item located within your inventory.  An item may be  
any weapon, armour, or object you can carry.  The command will
log the descriptive text you supply to the appropriate wizard.
Please ensure you provide enough information so that the wizard
can figure out what the bug is.

  If you are reporting a bug regarding an item, a colon must  
  be placed after the item you are reporting.                 
  When reporting a bug located within an area/room,           
      bug It wont let me go south from here.                  

  When reporting a bug involving an item in your inventory,   
      bug bag: The long desc says this is a bag but it        
               does not id to bag.                               

See also: bugfree, reporting

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