Topic: Reporting
  bug           - Log bugs in wizards' areas
  idea          - Log ideas for wizards to go through
  newsoul       - Suggest new soul/feelings commands
  qbug          - Log a quest bug for the Quest Team to address
  qidea         - Log a quest idea for the Quest Team to address
  typo          - Log typos in wizards' areas
NOTE: If you are ever stuck in a dark room with no exits, you have most
likely (not all the time, though) discovered a bug.  In such a case,
please use the 'bug' command with some description of where you were
and how you got into the present situation, and then use the 'bugfree'
command to let yourself loose from the predicament.  If 'bugfree' does
not work, either the room is NOT bugged, or you may need to talk to a
Lord+ for assistance.

See also: bugfree, bug, idea, newsoul, qbug, qidea, typo

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