Topic: Equipment

SYNTAX: eq [-hide {what}] 

The 'eq' command will show you what weapon you are wielding,
what armour you are wearing, and some of the armours you are
not wearing.  It's handy to use if you are interested in
equipment only, and not in the other things you carry.

If you are in a guild that does not allow you to wear a particular article
such as boots, you can now hide that article from the eq listing.

   eq -hide feet  :   Will hide any armour that is worn on the feet.
   eq -reset      :   Will reset eq listing to default setting.

You can customize the colours with 'setcolor  ', where
 is one of:

  sc_text     : The text, like 'Wimpy:' and 'Exp :'
  sc_value    : All values in the score list, like '13'.

For example, 'setcolor sc_text yellow' will show you the text in the
list in a yellow color.  Provided you have 'ansi on', of course. :)
When you haven't specified a colour, eq will use its own default

See also:  inventory, mudeq

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