Topic: I Command (Inventory)

   Syntax:    i

The i (short for inventory) command will show you everything you are carrying.
Additionally, if you are wielding or wearing any items, this will
be indicated next to the item.  The last line will show you how much
of a burden your equipment is to you.

NOTE: You cannot see your inventory if you are in a dark room.


 # Item
-- -------------------------------------------------------------
 1 A bright shiny button that says: Kiss me! I finished the 3K Pub Crawl!.
 1 A message checker.
 1 Brief Combat Tool.
 1 A link tell.
 1 Mywho lister.
 1 A gold wedding ring (worn).
500 coins (weightless)
You are unencumbered.

See also: eq, look, get, keep, unkeep

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