Topic: Guests

The following rules dictate the proper behavior of Guest 

1. Current players logging on as Guests.

  For some inconceivable reason, players occasionally wish to be 
  anonymous and choose to log on as Guests.  Whatever the 
  motivation may be for logging on in such a manner, the player
  must be aware that any illegal actions they perform while logged
  in as a Guest are carried over to their Saved Character. 

  Example:  A Guest logs on to harass another player.
  Result:   The Saved Character's subsequent death (repeatedly)

  If a Guest is used to benefit a player's Saved Character, then
  the situation is dealt with in a manner befitting multiple

  Example:  A Guest follows another Player-Killer around to keep
            tabs on his location.
  Result:  Saved Character is purged as per Multi-player policy.

  A player may never log in as a Guest if their Saved
  Character is currently online.  This will be treated
  as per the Multiple Character policies.

  If, on the off-chance, the Saved Character of a Guest is 
  unknown, the site may be banned if the annoyance is great.

2. Harassing a Guest.

  Guests should be treated with the utmost dignity.  If you choose 
  to harass a Guest, the punishment will be Death.  First
  Impressions of our world will not be tainted by immaturity.

3. Logging on as a Guest while Imprisoned.

  This is prohibited.  If your actions warrant imprisonment,
  then you have forfeited your right to play.  Punishment
  for this infraction is Death or Removal.

See also: punishment

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