Topic: Players 

SYNTAX:  players | players [guild]
Without an argument this will show every player online, their level,
guild level and pk status.  It will also tally up the total players
for each guild as well as for the entire mud.

With arguments it will only show players in the guild(s) specified
or of the specified levels.

     ex: players adventurer

This will show all adventurers online.

You can also use the first letter(s) of a guild, like:

  players nec     (show all necromancers)
  players m       (show all players whose guild starts with m (mages/monk))
  players [guild] (input the guild name to see all players from that guild)

You can also specify a level range:
  players 20-   (show all players over level 20)
  players 20-40 (show all players levels 20 through 40)
  players -30   (show all players up to level 30)

And also:  players 10-20 n m w (show all players levels 10-20 of
                                guilds beginning with n, m or w)

You can also combine multiple guilds on a line, like:
  players nec witch new  (show necros, witches, and newbreed)

See also: players, who, who2, swho, nwho, finger

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