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Due to the large and growing number of quests on 3-Kingdoms we have
implemented a "Quest-Point-System".  Each quest is assigned a point
value dependent upon its difficulty, both physical and mental.  Rather
than being required to solve every quest in the game, players will
achieve first High Mortal status and subsequently Wizard status (should
they so wish) upon gaining a set number of quest points.

It is entirely possible that the number of quest points required for
High Mortal and/or Wizard Status will be changed from time to time.
Furthermore, the quest point values of quests themselves may change.
These new changes apply immediately to all characters.  If you've
already gained the level or high mortal status, and then your QP
drop, you'll keep the level or status.  Otherwise, you'll have to
abide the new requirements.

Quests are a major part of 3-Kingdoms, and as such we ask you to
follow a few simple rules. Please note that these rules are constantly
Failure to follow the quest rules and cheating on a quest will result
in the following penalties:

  1) You lose the greater of:
     - half of your total quest points
     - double the value of the quests that you cheated on
  2) You lose your second character (if applicable)
  3) You lose the ability to ever have a second character

If the offense is extreme enough, the following penalties could apply:

  4) Loss of all quest points
  5) You lose the ability to ever become highmortal
  6) You lose the ability to ever become a wizard
  7) Your character will be wiped

Partyable quests:
Most quests have to be solved on your own, without hints or information
from other players.  However, a few selected quests have been tagged as
party quests".  These special quests have been selected because of one
of two reasons:
1) The coder made the combat difficult and wanted to allow you to obtain
   assistance with the fighting aspect of the quest.  (For this reason,
   you should be reasonably close in levels, i.e. within 5 levels.  It
   would belittle the rules for a level 49 to help a level 10 on a level
   10 fighting party quest).  However anyone of level 50 and over may party
   with anyone else of level 50 and over without worrying about the 5-level
2) The coder put in some very nice riddles that he thought you would
   enjoy working out with someone.

If you follow the spirit of these motivations, you will realize that a
"party" quest is NOT justification for you to tell other people everything
you know about the quest, and then ask them to help you with it for 5 min.
i.e. You cannot party with a different person every time you try it; you
     must stick with the SAME person every time.

     You cannot discover half of the info for the quest, and just tell
     someone to get them up to speed.  This is supposed to be something
     you solve TOGETHER.

Please note that only 1 person will receive the experience from a "partied"
quest.  This is not a bug.  Once you have received the QP from it, you're
free to help the other person solve it.

Often partyable quests have supplementary rules listed in the quest hint.
Those augment these rules.

As a general rule, you must never share quest info or quest items.
Quest info is ANYTHING that deals with the quest or quest area.

Specifically going out and getting a quest item so that others can not
solve the quest is illegal. If you've done the quest, leave it be for
others to solve.

Please also note, in quests which require you to kill a monster to obtain
the quest points, only the object doing the actual killing will be eligible
for the quest points. This means that if your guild follower strikes the
killing blow, you will receive nothing - please don't report that the
quest is 'bugged', should this occur. We have records of this kind of thing
and do not welcome the opportunity to waste our valuable time in this

Please also note -- unless explicitly stated in the quest instructions, you
are not allowed to bring another person along for damage-doing or tanking,
even if they have completed the quest before.  The general rule is, if you
are too small to handle the fighting, you shouldn't be attempting the quest.


At the present time, the Quest Team in charge of all things quest-related.

If you find a bug with a quest, or have an idea for a quest, you may report
it in one of two ways.

1.   Mail QUESTS (all in capitals - this is important!) detailing the problem/
     idea. Please note, it is best to mail the QUESTS group, rather than
     individual members of the Quest Team, should you know them. This will
     ensure that : a) all the Quest Team gets your mail so there is more chance
     of a swift reply, and b) if the Quest Team membership should change, you
     won't be sending the mail to someone who is no longer responsible for quests.

2.   Post a note on the quest discussion board (2D,N from login room).  If you
     choose to do this, be VERY careful that you do not disclose quest
     information within your post. It is safer to use the board only for
     general quest-related chat.

See also: method, questhelp

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