Topic: Quest Help

If you're totally stuck on a quest, you can mail a wizard for help.
But be sure you've tried your hardest to solve it by yourself.
If we find you've only spent one afternoon on a quest and you're
already asking for help, nobody will be very sympathetic towards

Follow these steps:

1. Know the quest coder or maintainer (if the coder is inactive).
   Be in the area, use the "where" command or the "pwho" command
   when you have a party banner.  Generally the coder is also
   listed in the description provided by "questlist".

2. Send mail to the wizard if they are active (logged in recently),
   or to GMS. if they are inactive.

   e.g. mail arrion for help with my quests (because I am active)
   e.g. mail GMS.bran for help with his quests (he is inactive)
   What the GMS will do is lookup who the maintainers are on an
   internal index.  No you can't have a copy of index; it changes

   NOTE: You can also do this with guilds.  e.g. mail GMS.knights
   will mail the active knight wizards (Dayln, Rumor)

3. If you have a particular bug/idea/typo to leave for the wizard,
   use the bug/idea/typo commands.  Read up on these.  You can log
   stuff to the coder of the room, or the coder of the item (which
   may not always be the same person).
   e.g. typo room's description says "mountan" instead of "mountain"
   e.g. typo sword: this sword has a typo, "hillt"
   (Read the help files for details about the difference).

4. Monitor the quest board for indications that the quest is broken,
   has been removed, etc.
   If you can see that the quest has been solved recently (on the
   "questlist" output, then it's probably not the quest--it's you.

5. If you're unable to get a response, and you are really really
   stuck, to the point where you think there's either a bug or
   a really farked up syntax problem, you can "mail QUESTS" (case-
   sensitive.. the word QUESTS must all be in caps) to contact the
   Quest Team as a fall-back option.
   The Quest Team is really busy and doesn't have time to analyses
   every single player-quest problem.  This is your "backup" plan.

See also: rules, quest, method, mail

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