Topic: Shoutblock 

Command:            shoutblock

Purpose:            Allows you to block shouts from specific players.
Syntax:             shoutblock; shoutblock ; shoutblock clear

Amount:             You may shoutblock 5 people maximum.
Argument Details:   Without arguments, shoutblock returns a list of who you
                    are blocking.  Giving the name of a player will toggle
                    that player's status within your list - either add or
                    remove him or her. You may give multiple names, eg:
                    shoutblock name1 name2 name3 name4 name4
                    shoutblock clear will clear your list.
                    shoutblocks are not currently saved.
Currently Blocking: Nobody.
Disclaimer:         You have the right to shoutblock wizards below the rank
                    of Admin, but YOU are responsible for any warnings
                    issued by wizards that you miss while shoutblocking.
                    e.g. If you shoutblock a Lord, and he shouts a 
                    warning that it is unsafe to enter a certain area, 
                    if you do enter that area and die, you will have no

See also: say, shout, talk, tell, earmuffs, shouthist

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