Topic: Shout

Syntax:  shout [message]

The shout command allows you to broadcast your views, opinions and
mindless babble to every single person on the mud.
Naturally on a command as powerful as this there are a few limitations:
1. It costs sps.
2. It isn't heard by anyone who is earmuffed or shoutblocks you.
3. There is a limit on how much spam you can send and you know you reached
   your limit when you see the words 'yadda yadda yadda' appear.
4. You can shout only once a minute.
5.  This is not the auction line.  Do not use it as such.

Please note: We consider shouting a privilege here on 3k; it is a privilege
that can be taken away from you in one of several ways if it is abused.  It is
the sole discretion of the higher 3k administration as your access to this

Example: shout Hello Mud!

Others will see:

Unnamed shouts: Hello Mud!

See also: say, shout, talk, tell, earmuffs, shoutblock, shouthist

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