Topic: Soul

This is the remote soul. It not only allows you to express your
feelings in the present room, but also to other players across
the mud. There are also features that allow you to express
your feelings to everyone in the current room. For example,
to hug everyone in the room, just type: 'hug all' rather than
typing in each name (ie. hug john). There is a new feature that
allows you to 'shut off' the remote soul to anyone person and it is
saved permanently until you either clear or remove that person from
your own personal 'ignore' list.
        feelings        - To display the number of feelings
        help soul       - This screen
        help feelings   - More help on the soul.
        [feeling] all   - Express feeling to everyone in room
        trs             - help trs for more
        soulhist        - recalls the last 15 souls done to you (help soulhist)
Use 'newsoul [idea]' to add a suggestion for a new soul command.

Use 'soulnew [#]' to list the souls that are "new" within the 
  specified # of days.

Use 'soulnew' with no argument to list the souls that are new within
  the default # of days (currently set to 2 weeks).

Typing 'soul off' will temporarily disable all your emotes.  This is handy if
you suspect that a soul emote is conflicting with another action, or if you
are in the middle of a very long emote and want to stop it.

Typing 'soul on' will reenable your emotes after the above.

Please note:

You may type 'soul [letter]' to receive a list of all the soul
commands beginning with that letter!  Isn't that neat?!

  Mail a Duke if there seems to be a problem with the soul itself(not feelings)

See also: feelings, trs, newsoul

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