Topic: TRS

SYNTAX:  trs [/list|/clear|[-] [player name]

trs                            Turns on and off receiving ALL souls
trs /list                      Lists who you have blocked
trs /clear                     Clears the list of names you have blocked
trs [player name]              Blocks  from sending you remote souls
trs -[player name]             Unblocks 

TRS stands for Toggle Remote Soul, and is used to turn on and off the
ability of other players to send you action type messages, such as smiles,
grins, etc.  Names added to the block list stay with you over reboots and


trs badperson
Badperson added to soul ignore list.

This means Badperson cannot send you annoying bothersome remote soul commands.

trs -badperson
Badperson removed from your ignore list.

Badperson is now able to once again send you remote souls.

trs /list
Ignoring soul commands from the following:
badperson worseperson

See also: soul, feelings, newsoul

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