Topic: Watch

         watch [person 1] [person 2] [person 3] [etc]
         watch -[person]
         watch mywho
         watch clear

This command sets you up to be notified of all login/connection
events for a person or list of persons.  This list is not
permanent so it will not be saved when you quit.

You can 'watch -person' to stop watching that person.

'watch' without arguments lists who you are watching.

Example:  'watch person1 person2 person3'
           Will notify you whenever person1, person2 or
           person3 logs in/out or connects/disconnects.

           'watch clear' - will clear your current watch list.

Note: Names you are watching for are not compared against
      your 'notify' level.

If you use mywho functionality, you may add everyone to your watch
list with: 'watch mywho'.

See also:  finger, who, players, notify

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