Topic: Wear

 SYNTAX:  wear [armour]|all

The wear command may be used to wear pieces of armour, to provide
protection against the monsters that are trying to kill you before
you decimate them first.  Among the different types of armour you may
wear are body armour, shields, rings, cloaks, gloves, helmets,
and boots.  You may wear only one of each type of armour at
a given time, except rings, of which you may wear two.

'wear all' will attempt to wear all armour in your inventory.

You should keep in mind that rings may not be worn over gloves, 
and that body armour may not be worn over a cloak--thus the order
in which you don armour is slightly important.  As well, you
cannot wear a shield while wielding a two-handed weapon.

Several of the guilds on 3K have restrictions as to the type of
armour you may wear--please contact members of a particular
guild for more information.

See also: unwield, eq, keep, unkeep, wield, remove 

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