Woodblock Letter W hen I became a man, I set out from my town to explore the rest of the world, my backpack slung over my shoulder, an old, gnarled walking stick in my hand, and few thoughts in my head. I travelled for many years, from town to town, stopping in every city I could, learning everything that was taught to me. I walked among the shopkeepers, learning their ways of selling and buying, I trained with the warriors, learning how to hold a sword, how to fight, how not to fight. I slunk with the thieves, learning the art of stealth, and how to hit someone when they least expect it. I studied with the mages, dabbling a little bit in their arcane arts, learning how to channel my mental energy into physical substance. I tried many things when I was younger, and though I would not do so now, I cannot regret what I have done for it was all meant to be, and to regret it would be to regret who I am, which I do not. Woodblock Letter A s I said, I tried a great many things, but nothing seemed to hold my interest for too long... I was a philosopher, and tended to think more about the higher purpose in life, and the higher beings that look down on us. So it came to pass that I, a lone wandering young man began in the service of a very small parish just on the outskirts of Wayhaven. I studied, prayed, meditated, on the works of Gaia, and what she meant to the world. I worked day and night in the service of the parish, helping the local citizens feed their flocks, and sow their seeds. I committed myself to the service of the community, doing anything I could, and I was happy.

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